Welcome to my blog!

Thanks for stopping by to check out my recipes :). This blog started as a way for me to record and share my favourite recipes. I've always been the kind of cook who 1) never follows some else's recipe to the T the first time and 2) works by eyeball and taste rather than measure. This 'chuck it in until it looks pretty' method of cooking is fun, and means that my meals never taste the same twice. However, it also means that I can never remember what recipe originally inspired a dish I've made, or what personal touches I added! I decided to be stricter on myself in recording quantities and document them here.


Toffee Malva Pudding

I've struggled for a long time to get a foolproof Malva Pudding, and generally find fault with most recipes I have tried. Either the cake is rubbery, or the sauce is too sweet, or the whole thing is just boring. This is my current work in progress version, inspired by the Maggie Pepler recipe found… Continue reading Toffee Malva Pudding