Some notes on my recipes

I encourage anyone to tweak and play with recipes – it’s half the fun! These are some general characteristics of how I cook, so make adjustments as it suits you.


  • I generally put less meat into my meals, preferring to bulk up recipes with vegetables. If you prefer a meatier taste, double up on the meat quantity while keeping other ingredients consistent
  • I often add lentils to mince meals as I find it a good way of adding fibre and healthy legumes to meals, as well as stretching mince to go further
  • When cooking, I add salt & pepper to my own taste, but I also encourage eaters to add their own if needed
  • I put garlic and onions into just about everything, and only use fresh garlic cloves (not the crushed garlic that comes in tubs)
  • I don’t cook with MSG, but feel free to add to your own cooking
  • Although I am not banting myself, I enjoy the concept of replacing refined carbs with vegetables such as cauliflower and often try to apply this guideline to my recipes – replace with pasta/rice/potato if you prefer that
  • I use brown rice and pasta where ever possible, but feel free to replace with your choice of carb
  • I cook with coconut oil when making Eastern dishes or curries as I like the flavour it adds, but use olive oil and/butter the rest of time
  • I like to cook with wine, but feel to replace with stock or a different liquid if you prefer


  • One of my regular tweaks in baking is to cut back on sugar quantities, as I often feel that the amount of sugar in recipes in unnecessary. Feel free to adjust this if you have a sweeter tooth, though I would recommend experimenting with cutting back – i’s amazing how quickly you get used to less sugar
  • I prefer to use butter where ever possible
  • I don’t have a fan in my oven, but if you do then feel free to drop the temperature I recommended by 10 – 15 degrees

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